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Watch it back: Business resilience and the road to recovery in 2021

Whilst we reflect on the impact of the economic emergency that has been created by the coronavirus pandemic, Jolyon Stonehouse, Head of Owner Managed Businesses at Old Mill and Nick Davies, Specialist Client Solutions Manager at Barclays examine business resilience, looking at how the business landscape is restructuring itself, including examples of how local businesses are fighting back and the opportunities for you as business owners as we move forward.

28th January 2021

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.

00.00 Welcome and polls (please note the polls themselves don’t show on the recording)

07.40 Introducing Nick Davies, Barclays

08.54 Practical considerations around COVID and Brexit

13.03 Impact on normal working conditions

16.15 How to spot a social engineering attack

18.37 Impersonation fraud

22.38 Keeping your business safe

24.19 How Barclays can help

25.52 Further support from Barclays

28.07 Introducing Jolyon Stonehouse, Old Mill

30.48 Poll results

33.16 Examples of local businesses diversifying and pivoting during COVID-19

42.15 Exploring different business processes

42.37 Delivering a similar product with less time and with greater efficiency

45.03 The issue of cash flow

45.50 Five actions you can take to help support your business

49.27 Government help to build your business back better

49.53 Useful resources

50.10 Research & Development (R&D) and innovation

51.15 Annual Investment Allowance

51.24 Patent Box

51.36 Electric cars

53.00 Q&A

Answer to the furlough incentive payment question: The Government mentioned originally that the amount given per employee bought back from furlough would be £1,000, which would be claimable in February. The Government took this away when they extended furlough to the end of April 2021. They did say however, that they may reintroduce it, or something similar, post the end of the current furlough in some format, but there is nothing definite at the moment. We will update the COVID section of our website when we hear more.

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