Later Life Planning

Watch it back: GETSET Later Life webinar

Do you have elderly parents? Have you talked to them about what would happen if you need to step in and manage their financial affairs?

Watch our Later Life webinar with our three Society of Later Life accredited advisers, Andrew Page, Carolyn Matravers & Chris Tweedie as they explain our GETSET six-step process that details the main six things you need to do and action with your parents. It’s easy to follow and will give you and your parents clarity and peace of mind.

1st December 2020

02:30 Getting your ducks in a row – Carolyn talks about the importance of having all financial information collated together in one place along with property related ‘paperwork’

05:48 Estate planning – Chris talks about making sure your parents have an up to date will and some key considerations

08:14 Estate planning – Chris goes through Lasting Powers of Attorney, both for finances and property and for health and welfare

15:52 Title and timeline – Andy covers making sure you know who owns which assets, particularly where property is concerned and then give guidance on creating a timeline of any gifts that your parents may have made over the years

21:27 Simplifying assets – Carolyn explains the rationale for trying to simplify the assets your parents hold as well as reviewing that any investments are held in an appropriate structure

28:03 Establish a relationship with a trusted adviser – Chris talks through the value of doing this and how it can help make things easier when a care need arises

33:09 Talk – Andy encourages having these conversations with your parents and broader family sooner rather than later

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