Old Mill Updates

Watch it back: Later Life Webinar with our SOLLA accredited financial planners

Thank you to everyone who joined our Later Life webinar on Wednesday 8 July, and for those who asked us a question.

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.

8th July 2020

1.50 – care options in the current environment

8.35 – pros and cons/specific considerations for people to take into account

10.10 – changes about care options resulting from COVID-19

11.00 – visiting & communicating with family and friend in care homes in the current situation

15.22 – the costs and funding of care

18.30 – attendance and carers’ allowances

30.45 – savings thresholds re local authority funding care

32.40 – immediate needs annuities

36.10 – equity release & deferred payment arrangements

39.18 – what happens when you savings drop below the savings threshold if you’re already in a care home

41.40 – the care assessment process during COVID-19

43.55 – why have a Lasting Power of Attorney

For more information, or if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your Old Mill adviser or email enquiries@om.uk.