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Watch it back: Milk Cost of Production Report Q&A

Thank you to everyone who joined our ‘Milk Cost of Production Report’ Q&A on Monday 12 October, and for those who asked us a question.

19th October 2020

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.

1.04 Introduction of authors, Dan Heal from Old Mill & Gerard Finnan from The Farm Consultancy Group

4.32 Dan & Gerard’s view on the Dairy Industry as it stands 

9.04 The average herd size has increased by almost 10% this year and this seems quite a lot.  Why is this? 

11.48 Why do you think Dairy profits will remain stable in these times of volatility? 

14.11 If yields rise and herd size remains constant, will the market be oversupplied next year? 

14.42 To what extent is the milk price a determinant of the profitability or is variability on cost of production a greater factor?

19.04 How can I benchmark myself using this Dairy Report? 

22.27 Grain prices have strengthened on 19/20 levels, do you expect feed costs to fall and yields to rise? 

24.39 How does the move towards new environmental schemes and away from BPS affect the projections? 

26.50 Is there a particular business model used by the top performing farms? 

28.40 Is there a common theme between those running the top performing farms? 

30.46 What are the major drivers of poor performance excluding milk price? 

33.51 Is there a significant difference between using your own machinery or using contractors?  

38.00 If I was in the bottom 10% of farmers, what are the quick wins to improve? 

43.15 Would you say there are more tenanted farmers in the top 10%?  

44.41 Are new robot units with under 100 head heard profitable? 

48.39 Can you talk through the profitability by £/cow and calving system and which system works best? 

55.55 What advice do you have to producers heading into the winter? 

57.40 Is dairying an industry you are still optimistic about? 

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