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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Old Mill Accountancy Ltd (OMA) 2023

In April 2023, Old Mill Accountancy had over 250 employees for the first time. As a result, we are required to publish our gender pay gap for this entity. We have calculated our pay gap and bonus pay gap in line with the government’s guidelines. The data below only applies to Old Mill Accountancy and not to any of the Old Mill Group Companies.

At Old Mill Accountancy, everyone is paid for the role they have in the team and for their performance in that role. No other factors affect an employee’s remuneration. We are an Equal Pay employer – men and women performing equal work receive equal pay. We do however have a Gender Pay Gap – these figures reflect that we have more men than women earning higher salaries.



Note – Bonus pay includes any rewards related to profit sharing, performance, incentive, commission, long service awards with a monetary value, and non-consolidated bonuses. 98 out of 175 (56%) women received a ‘bonus’ payment and 46 out of 89 (51.11)% men received a ‘bonus’ payment. However, the max payment to a female was £5,000 and the max payment to a male was £20,758, hence the average figure was significantly skewed. Conversely, the midpoint bonus for women was £73.64 and £56.82 for a man.



If you have any questions about the details above, please contact our HR Team.

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