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iShares Global Property Securities Fund

You may have recently seen on your M&G wealth platform, a notification relating to the iShares Global Property Securities fund held in your portfolio.

6th October 2022

Proposals were made and approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting to make the following changes to the fund:


Switch the fund’s benchmark from the current FTSE EPRA NAREIT Developed Index (‘the master index’) to FTSE EPRA NAREIT Green Low Carbon Target Index (‘the ESG index’). The new benchmark screens out issuers that are involved in business lines or activities, such as weapons, firearms, tobacco, fossil fuel extractives, and violators of global norms, specifically the UN Global Compact Principles (UNGC).

Fund name

The fund will be renamed from the current “iShares Global Property Securities Equity Index Fund (UK)” to “iShares Environment & Low Carbon Tilt Real Estate Index Fund (UK)”, to reflect the proposed change of the Fund’s benchmark index.

An Initial look at the proposals suggest there will be little change in the underlying investments of the fund with 23 of the approximately 340 investable companies being excluded

The changes will be implemented next month. The Old Mill Investment Committee will consider the proposed changes before they are implemented and ensure the fund remains suitable for inclusion in the portfolio.