Financial Planning

Watch it back: Financial planning guide for farmers

If you were unable to make our live virtual breakfast discussing personal finance strategy with Stuart Coombe, you now have the opportunity to watch on demand our Financial planning guide for farmers which explains: 

21st August 2020

  • Financially, what is the ‘best possible position’ for farmers? (00.07)
  • The checklist every farmer should be ticking off when it comes to their money (01.42)
  • The five financial building blocks for farmers (06.21)
  • Key advice for farmers to make the most of their finances (16.12)
  • What opportunities do farmers miss to make their money grow? (22.23)
  • Considerations for pension contributions (25.26)
  • Should I use personal funds to loan to the business? (29.01)
  • Should a pension be accessed early? (30.10)
  • The ‘J’ shaped retirement plan for farmers (31.50)
  • Why is now the best time for farmers to look at financial planning? (34.56)

Stuart Coombe and Julia Banwell are Old Mill’s specialist Rural Financial Planners. Please do get in contact with either Stuart or Julia if you would like to explore your own personal financial strategies.