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Albion Consulting

We have spoken before about our Investment Committee and that alongside the members from Old Mill, we also use an investment consultancy – Albion Consulting. We started working with them in 2010 after coming across the founder’s book ‘smarter investing’ which essentially described the investment process we had arrived at ourselves. They have been integral to the Old Mill portfolios ever since.

24th June 2022

The team at Albion are passionate about investing. Research is a fundamental part of who they are and they provide ongoing governance support to Old Mill, contributing inputs into the Investment Committee, as a guest member and providing valuable insights.

The following areas of support are provided.

  • Review latest evidence supporting/challenging philosophical approach
  • Discuss how the latest research supports or challenges our process through the Albion Governance Update – released end of April and October and the Albion Quarterly Market Metrics
  • Review major asset classes and assumptions used in the portfolios over the short and long term.
  • Review of existing products used in model portfolios by a comparison of each individual fund against a sensible benchmark.
  • Model portfolio performance review to review portfolios on both a structural and performance level against appropriate benchmarks.
  • Rebalancing oversight by producing a regular heat map to see if any portfolios require further research and possible action.
  • Review investment risks to portfolios and clients on a short term and longer term strategic basis, through the Albion Risk Matrix – which is released at the end of March and September.

We have a strong, practical working relationship with Albion and they are always available to help on any of the myriad of investing issues that inevitably arise from time to time.

Albion’s speciality is working with firms like us who are focussed on financial planning, puts its clients at the centre of all that they do and want to manage an inhouse investment proposition that is based on the evidence and theory available.

You will see many of Albion’s views in our communications to you and they reinforce our views that your portfolio offers the best possible chance to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

An area they have been concentrating on more recently is the inflationary environment we find ourselves in. This has been a possible scenario for some time and portfolios are already designed to navigate through the current crisis.

Their client community consists of over 70 firms, who advise in total on over £13 billion of client assets and are based across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Norway and Hong Kong.

The founder and Managing Director is Tim Hale, MBA. Tim read Zoology at Oxford, and after a four-year stint in Hong Kong with Standard Chartered, undertook an MBA. He then joined Chase Asset Management, which is now part of JP Morgan Asset Management, working in various roles in London, Hong Kong, and New York for almost a decade before setting up Albion in 2001.