HMRC moving away from Government Gateway logins

5th March 2024

The UK government is modernising its online services with the launch of GOV.UK One Login, a secure system that will streamline access for taxpayers and agents. With an investment of £305 million over three years, this initiative aims to replace Government Gateway accounts.

Key features of GOV.UK One Login include two-factor authentication for enhanced security and a user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for multiple accounts and passwords. The system will gradually replace existing login platforms across all government services.

HMRC is among the first departments to adopt this new system, which will offer improved digital inclusion by providing alternative methods for identity verification. Users will receive guidance from HMRC on migrating to GOV.UK One Login, ensuring a smooth transition.

The rollout will commence in Spring 2024, with HMRC inviting individual customers to create their GOV.UK One Login accounts. It is important to note that HMRC will contact individual taxpayers to advise them to migrate.

HMRC have said that existing Government Gateway users will be informed when they need to create a GOV.UK One Login account to replace their Government Gateway and they don’t need to contact HMRC.

There is a new authorisation and identity verification process to sign up to the One Login, which means you will need to have some identification documents such as a passport or driving licence to complete the application.

Then users can access their account via

HMRC guidance, Accessing HMRC online services using GOV.UK One Login

The benefits of this initiative are projected to exceed £700 million by April 2026, according to the Cabinet Office. Eventually, all HMRC and government services will be accessible through a single login, simplifying the user experience.

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