Old Mill Video: How can Xero help my farm?

Have you thought about using Xero? Or are you using Xero and feel that you can get more benefit from it? This 50 minute video, specifically constructed for farming businesses, will demonstrate how you can improve your use of Xero and how to use it for making business decisions.

9th December 2020


0.27 Xero admin efficiency

1.02 Information at your fingertips (Getting the information out from the office into the farm on your smartphone)

 2.40 Instant expense/income entry into Xero

3.48 How to raise a bill and sales invoice in Xero

5.00 Using Receipt Bank to capture bill and sales invoices

6.00 How to enter repeating sales invoices

7.38 Storing copies of invoices within Xero

8.00 Ability for your professionals to see live information and provide assistance

8.00 Reconciliation to the bank account

9.43 Get bank feeds

10.15 Reconcile items using Receipt Bank and Hub Doc

13.23 Creating bank rules

13.46  Automatic online invoice process – moving on from spreadsheets and manual entry

16.22 Confidence in shredding hard copy invoices once entered into Xero

17.37 Adding, storing and searching other documents (e.g. overdraft facility, HP agreements etc)

19.39 TransferWise – the easy way to pay bills

22.16 Figured Farming Software


25.13 Xero Farm Dashboard

23.56 Bespoke your Xero Farm Dashboard to your requirements

27.30 How to add items to your dashboard

28.11  Business Performance Summary

31.28 Xero for farm decision making

32.19 Farm Business Snapshot

33.01 Profit and Loss

33.13 Income and expenses

33.33 Largest operating expenses

34.40 Financial position and cash

35.11 Average time to get paid

35.30 Comparing financials

35.51 Printing and exporting reports

36.09 Using Xero – What sort of farmer you are depends on how you should use Xero

37.33 Short-term cash flow report and dating overdue invoices

39.00 Starring important reports

39.19 Profit and Loss report

40.30 Utilising the report section of Xero

40.59 Producing budgets and forecasts

42.57 Tracking categories and separating parts of the farm business

47.13 Wrap up  - Keep it simple and we are here to help!
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