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The Old Mill Client Portal

5th June 2019

We live in a technological age, and the technology advances over the last 30 years have transformed both our daily lives and the rural industry.

Whether it’s talking to our children and grandchildren on FaceTime from anywhere on the farm, controlling tractors and farm machinery with remote satellite navigation, or even assessing the health status of our livestock and crops using smartphones, technology now plays a part in everything we do.

The internet is used by millions around the globe. While use of the online space is still highest among the younger generation (98% of adults aged 16 to 24 are internet users, according to the 2018 Ofcom report), adults of all ages are increasingly using the internet, with 96% of those aged 45-54, 82% of those aged 55-64, and more than half (53%) of those aged 75 and over going online. This follows on from the previous year’s report, which found “striking growth” in older people’s use of technology, with four in ten (39%) baby boomers (65-74-year-olds) using a smartphone.

The growth in internet use is no surprise – instant communication, endless amounts of information, and the opportunity to carry out tasks such as financial management at the click of a button are understandably attractive. But with that easy access comes concerns about safety and security; Ofcom also found that one in five internet users over 65 say they are ‘not at all confident’ about managing personal data online.

Which is why at Old Mill we take online security so seriously. We recognise that while many of you want to enjoy the advantages of communicating with us and accessing information online, all of you need to feel confident and comfortable when doing so.

Our Client Portal brings you all of those technology benefits, while ensuring that you are in the safest hands. It allows you to easily and securely find Old Mill correspondence that has been sent to you without the security concerns of popular email services. It also avoids the mountains of paper that can be created from regular contact with your adviser.

Our online portal means you can access your information quickly and safely around the clock, from your computer, tablet or phone. We understand people like to receive information in different ways, and signing up to use our Client Portal does not mean we will only share information with you online – if you prefer, we can share information with you online as well as by post.

If you would like more information about our Client Portal and would like us to help set you up, please do get in contact.