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Watch it back: Implications for owner-managers of the government’s new flexi-furlough scheme

Matt Huddleson (Employment Law specialist at OTB Eveling) and Old Mill’s Head of Corporate Finance, Mark Neath discuss the implications of the flexi-furlough scheme for owner-managers.

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.

1st July 2020

02.25 Identifying your fixed and variable costs and how the new furlough scheme can be used to help you manage your business:

  • Break even analysis
  • Treating furloughed employees as variable costs

07.39 Guidance on navigating your way through different types of contractual arrangements under the flexi-furlough scheme.

11.32 Options around bringing staff back under the new scheme:

  • New HMRC reporting requirements.
  • How the scheme will change from August through to October

15.59 Planning beyond the end of the flexi-furlough scheme:

  • Getting agreements in place to vary contracts of employment
  • Considering terminations

23.14 Important changes to the way employee agreements need to be documented where flexible arrangements are put in place.

27.46 What is the maximum number of staff that can now be furloughed at any one time under the flexi-furlough scheme?

30.40 Can an employer force its employees to come back to work if they’ve been furloughed (and, in particular, how to treat those people who feel a return to work puts them at risk)?

36.35 What if we are unlikely to need everyone back in the workplace when we get to the end of the flexi-furlough scheme in October?

38.58 Planning for potential redundancies.

42.35 When do you need to start the consultation period?

45.50 Dealing with employees’ concerns around getting to work safely.

For more information, or if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your Old Mill adviser or email enquiries@om.uk.