Making the most of Self-Invested Pensions in your business

If you were unable to make our recent webinar with Steve Woodham, David Rice and Stuart Coombe, you can now watch it on demand.

As well as looking at the main benefits of Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) we also discuss how your business can buy land &/or property through a SSAS or SIPP, borrowing from a SSAS or SIPP and how SSASs and SIPPs work in terms of passing on benefits and assets.

19th May 2022


If you want to fast forward to specific parts of the recording the details are:

(0.00) Introduction

(03:27) Overview of the differences between SIPPs and SSASs and why a business might want to have one or the other

(06:26) Rules around how much you can put in to a SIPP or SSAS

(08:45) Tax benefits of SIPPs and SSASs

(13:50) Buying property and/or land through a SIPP or SSAS 

(26:10) Rules for borrowing from a SIPP or SSAS

(31:40) Passing on benefits and assets and business succession

(41:50) Summary

(42:53) How do you deal with a dwelling farmhouse if you bought a farm/land through a SSAS?