Wealth Management

Webinar – Planning for the inevitable

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’.

Broaching the subject of our mortality is always going to be a sensitive topic; in this webinar we discuss

  • Key actions you can take now to make things easier for your family/friends when the time comes
  • Considerations when appointing an executor, what the role involves and how Old Mill can support your family/friends by being appointed as co-executor of your will
  • The administration of your estate and how Old Mill can help with this.

13th December 2023





00:50 Later life planning – legal documents

04:27 Later life planning – practicalities

07:29 The importance of communication

09:30 Considerations when appointing executors

12:30 Key responsibilities of executors

15:50 Additional considerations when leaving assets to charities

17:54 How Old Mill can be appointed as professional co-executor

26:00 What’s involved in administering an estate

33:55 How long does it take

40:00 How do Old Mill charge for administering an estate?

41:20 What happens if assets fall in value after Inheritance Tax has been paid?

44:30 Does the residential nil rate band still exist?

46:28 How can executors access funds whilst waiting for probate to be granted?

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