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Later Life Planning Overview

At Old Mill we never forget that every client is unique. Each person we work with has their own aims and ambitions, their own approach to wealth and financial security, and their own plans for retirement.

Our Later Life service is provided by a specialist team of Financial Planners who are accredited Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) and adhere to the SOLLA code of conduct, as well as the FCA code of conduct and regulations. We work with you to understand your specific circumstances and needs (including care and broader financial considerations). Based on your requirements we may then set up the necessary care plans, immediate needs annuities, investment portfolios, trusts, equity release or other suitable products. Our role is to make sure that whatever requirements you have for later life – whether for yourself or for a family member – the financial measures are in place to make sure all of those requirements are met.

Later life planning can help you to make your money last as long as possible, whether you are looking to be cared for at home, in a residential care home or in a nursing home. By assessing your current financial resources and working through a cash flow forecast we can advise on the best way to use your assets to plan for, and pay for, your care needs. You will also gain peace of mind that you are getting all the allowances that you are entitled to during your retirement.

As later life approaches, some of our clients become increasingly concerned with issues around inheritance. Again, we can work with you to increase the possibility of leaving an inheritance while still receiving the ongoing support and care you need. This could include discussions around gifting assets, setting up a trust and getting a clear picture of your Inheritance Tax position.

If loss of mental capacity is a concern for you, our SOLLA-accredited Chartered Financial Planners can also help with Court of Protection matters.

To chat to us about your plans, get in touch with us or make an appointment with one of our SOLLA accredited financial planners at one of our offices in Exeter, Wells, Chippenham and Yeovil.

"Our family is in the situation where our mother is no longer able to look after herself. After trawling the internet for advice, whilst there is a wealth of information out there, some helpful, some confusing but nothing concise…. we as a family could not make a valid decision to formulate future care. Fortunately, I came across the SOLLA website and made contact with Chris Tweedie. Chris provided me with a comprehensive information document covering all aspects of care for the elderly, this combined with a Zoom meeting encapsulated all aspects of care for the elderly and options to move forward. His subject matter knowledge and frank advice has been invaluable."

S J Peerman
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