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Watch it back: ‘Virtual Breakfast’ Q&A with Director and Rural Accountant, Neil Cox

Thank you to everyone who joined our ‘Virtual Breakfast’ Q&A on Friday 1 May, and for those who asked us a question.

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.


1st May 2020

Introducing Neil Cox

2.11: Introducing Neil Cox, Director and Rural Accountant at Old Mill.

3.31: What are your experiences with clients and the agri-industry currently? What conversations are you having with your clients?

7.01: Have you changed the way you work with your clients because of lock-down and COVID-19?

9.28: Focusing on the future – The Sausage Balloon Effect

10.59: Over the years, has your role changed as a rural accountant?

13.41: The benefits for clients on having the difficult conversations about succession and inheritance tax planning.


17.32: Should I take on additional loans to keep the farm going or push the farm forward?

The new Bounce Back Loan Scheme

21.13: What is this scheme, is it relevant to farmers, when does it open and what tips do you have when applying?

30.14: Remember your credit rating status

Furloughing Staff

32.22: Can I use grant money to pay the wages of my furloughed staff? What has been your experience of furloughing in the farming community?

Submission of early tax returns

36.05: Can you explain why it is a good idea to get my tax return done early?

For more information, or if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your Old Mill adviser or email enquiries@om.uk.