Old Mill Updates

Watch it back: ‘Virtual Breakfast’ Q&A with Head of Rural, Andrew Vickery and Rural Tax Adviser, Catherine Vickery

Thank you to everyone who joined our ‘Virtual Breakfast’ Q&A on Friday 15 May, and for those who asked us a question.

In this session we featured the below topics and we’ve highlighted the time they were discussed so you can get to that section with ease.


15th May 2020

3:40 New grant for dairy farmers

As a dairy farmer, I haven’t lost any significant income over the last couple of month but I have heard there is a grant for dairy farmers, what is it and can I take advantage of this?

7:17 New business enterprises for farmers, tax implications | 6:56 SEED Enterprise Investment Scheme

We are setting up a new farm shop delivery enterprise, is purchasing stock from our own farm allowable and can we use the SEED EIS scheme?

16.37 Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

I furloughed my herdsman because we reduced our number of milkings. He is currently working elsewhere, can I now wait until October before reinstating him on the farm?

Can I bring my labourers back part time?

I want my worker back but have heard that I have to share in paying them, is this correct?

20:13 Self Employment Income Support Scheme

Is the support scheme easy to apply for?

I don’t think I am eligible, should I check anyway?

Where can I find my Unique Tax Reference number?

I checked my eligibility, but it said no. I disagree with this, can I appeal?

How can I appeal?

25:49 Small Business Support Scheme and Bounce Back Scheme

I have managed to access some grant money do you know if this is taxable?

Are there any implications for claiming bounce back loans and other opportunities simultaneously? (39:45 )

29:55 Tax investigations

Am I right in thinking that I shouldn’t expect a tax investigation at the moment?

I’m in the middle of a tax investigation, what’s going to happen to this?

33:29 Sale of farm

I am selling or have just sold my farm, is there anything tax or accountancy related that I need to think about?

44.10 Critical Dates for Cash Flow

In the rural update you talked about critical dates, can you discuss more about this? What dates do I need to think about in terms of cash flow?

For more information, or if you have any questions about any of the above, please contact your Old Mill adviser or email enquiries@om.uk.