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Confidence in your company’s performance

Audit Overview

As an SME owner-director you need to know that you can trust the financial reports and statements which describe the performance of your business. An independent audit can do just that – giving you, as well as potential partners, investors or buyers, confidence in the accuracy of those figures. An Old Mill audit also includes a full review and assessment of your accounting processes and controls, providing you with even greater peace of mind.

What is an Old Mill Audit?

Old Mill can perform the external audit function for your business, providing reassurance on records, reports and financial statements. We can ensure that the information you receive is robust, reliable and transparent, enabling you to manage your business effectively day to day, and to plan for the future.

Using a risk-based approach to focus on key areas, we will make sure that your financial procedures and controls are sufficiently rigorous, and that your business complies with all necessary legislation.

How we can help

Our team will work closely with you to understand your business and your concerns, identify where systems can be improved, support you in implementing changes, and provide constructive, pragmatic and commercial advice.

To chat to us about your plans, get in touch with us or make an appointment with one of our pension experts at one of our offices in Exeter, Wells, Chippenham and Yeovil.

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