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Tax Investigation Advice

We deal with tax disputes, so that you don't have to

Tax Investigation Advice Overview

Tax investigations are becoming increasingly common, increasingly costly and increasingly onerous. Which is why our experienced specialist tax team offers a tax investigation service, along with a fee protection scheme – so that we can deal with HMRC enquiries on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind and the time to enjoy the important things in life.

Tax investigations can be triggered by one of several things – consecutive years of unprofitability, figures that are inconsistent with your industry sector, or regular mistakes on your tax return are some of the common causes – but they can also be randomly generated. Whatever the cause, HMRC does not need to tell you the reason for the investigation, and the onus will be on you to prove that your tax return is correct, rather than on HMRC to identify errors.

Investigations can take from three months to at least a year, and a lot longer in cases involving large, complex businesses.

Our tax investigation service is designed to help you avoid both the stress and the time demands of dealing with HMRC, by dealing with HMRC on your behalf. Our specialists have plenty of experience in handling such enquiries, and understand what responses you will need to make to HMRC in order to defend your position.

Our service is supported by an insurance policy held by Old Mill, obtained from a market leader in this specialised field. The cost of having to deal with a tax investigation is not included in our normal fee, and the additional costs involved could be substantial.

To chat to us about your plans, get in touch with us or make an appointment with one of our tax experts at one of our offices in Exeter, Wells, Chippenham and Yeovil.

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