Jamie Rudge and Duncan Parkes both promoted to Technical Partner

Old Mill Announces Two New Partners

5th June 2023

We are delighted to announce the promotion of two new Partners as part of our restructure and growth strategy. Jamie Rudge and Duncan Parkes, both from the firm’s compliance team, have been promoted to the role of Technical Partner, highlighting their exceptional expertise and contributions to the company.

These promotions mark a significant milestone, bringing the total number of Partners at Old Mill to 25 and the number of new Partners since the restructure to seven. The firm’s commitment to fostering career progression and creating greater opportunities for its staff is evident in these well-deserved advancements. To attain the prestigious Partner status at Old Mill, candidates must meet stringent criteria, including embodying the firm’s values, acting as champions for these values, and fostering a thriving business environment through their ambition, energy, and integrity.


Jamie Rudge, a highly skilled Chartered Accountant, joined Old Mill in 2016 as an Associate Director and has since played a pivotal role in ensuring regulatory compliance, risk management, and maintaining high standards across the firm. As the Practice Assurance Principal for the accountancy side of the business, Jamie oversees all aspects of regulation, standards, compliance, and risk. Her appointment as Old Mill’s Ethics Principal further reflects her dedication to upholding quality and compliance throughout the organisation.

I am thrilled to join the partner group during this exciting time in the accountancy profession and Old Mill’s growth. With upcoming changes in the industry, I am eager to shape Old Mill’s future and embrace new opportunities.


Duncan Parkes, who joined Old Mill in 2008 as Compliance Manager and now serves as Compliance Director, has been instrumental in driving regulatory compliance, risk management, and standards within the financial planning division. Duncan’s exceptional leadership and contributions have been pivotal in developing Old Mill’s financial planning approach and aligning it with client-centric outcomes through initiatives such as the PFS (Personal Finance Society) Power Planning framework.

Becoming a Partner at Old Mill during this transformative period in the financial planning profession is a moment of immense pride for me. The potential that lies ahead for Old Mill in the financial planning space is enormous, and I am thrilled to be part of shaping our future.

Kevin Whitmarsh, CEO of Old Mill commended Jamie and Duncan for their exceptional contributions, not only in ensuring regulatory compliance but also in their technical training efforts and strategic guidance. He emphasized their impact on the firm’s client relationships, internal colleagues, and the communities they serve.

Jamie and Duncan exemplify our firm’s values by consistently delivering the highest standards of work, which positively impacts our clients and colleagues. We are excited to witness their continued success and contributions in their new roles as Partners.

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