Rural business diversification

Old Mill Rural Video: So you want a battery storage, solar or wind farm? Here's how...

Acknowledged as the UK’s leading expert in securing and monetising grid connection rights on behalf of landowners, as well as being featured regularly in the Farmer’s Weekly, Hugh Taylor, CEO of independent power and energy consultancy, Roadnight Taylor, expands on his six points of truth for landowners who are considering a renewable enterprise. Phil Kirkpatrick and Oliver Bond, renewable specialist accountants at Old Mill working primarily with clients based in the South West of England, discuss the specific tax and financial elements that all landowners considering or running a renewable enterprise should be aware of.

3rd June 2021


1.00 Introduction of presenters


4.50 Home truths for land owners considering a renewable enterprise by Hugh Taylor, CEO of Roadnight Taylor

25.30 Taxation of renewables presented by Old Mill

59.00 Contact details

Further Questions

1.01.00 What does it cost to submit a grid application? Do you need specialist help?

1.03.00 What if the energy capacity in the area has been used up?

1.04.22 Are most offers based on ground rent offers?

1.07.30 My developers are keen to sign up to terms only doing a desk top survey and not seeing the site, is this a good idea?

1.08.45 When would you suggest someone seeks tax advice when committing to a renewable enterprise?

1.10.15 I want the income to go to my wife or children, how can I do this tax efficiently?

1.12.00 What is the minimum acreage that would be considered for a renewable enterprise?

1.33.35 If you are taking ground rent and a percentage of production revenue, will this affect Inheritance Tax or Business Property Relief?

1.14.37 Would Annual Property Relief or Business Rates be relevant?

1.15.50 Can you explain smart grid technology?

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