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Business Assurance

Proactive risk management and business protection

Business Assurance Overview

Just like daily life, all business involves an element of risk. How you recognise, measure and manage that risk can be the difference between a business that succeeds, and one that fails to flourish.

Business assurance encompasses a range of steps and strategies that enable you to manage those risks proactively. With measures in place we can guarantee a level of certainty when dealing with the unforeseen; from insuring against the loss of key individuals, to protecting profits and recovering from devastating events. They can deliver financial liquidity and peace of mind, and be instrumental in securing effective succession planning.

How we can help

Our team of expert and experienced advisers can work closely with you to identify and measure your exposure to risk, establish the optimum level of cover you and your business need, and then explore the whole of the market to select the most suitable assurance policies.

The specialist business assurance areas we can advise you on include:

• Key person insurance
• Shareholder protection
• Partnership assurance
• Relevant life insurance
• Personal life insurance for directors and business owners
• Critical illness cover
• Cross-option agreements
• Double-option agreements.

As a family business you tend to find yourself wearing a lot of hats, so it’s essential to have an advisor like Phil Mills who knows our industry and is a good sounding board. The move onto Xero was a massive transition for us as there’s a lot of paperwork generated because of the cheese sales and we needed to set up all the cost centres and systems. We can now pull the right information on a monthly basis to provide us with much better insights to be able to run the business.

Mike Davies. Dorset Blue Vinny.
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